FAQ 常见问题


What watches are supported?

MagicAWRT generally supports Apple Watch Series 0 - 6. You can connect those watches to your mac and perform software restores or updates with M4iPSWTOOLS.

MagicCLOCK only supports Series 0 - 3 though to perform diagnosis and change sysCFG for NAND swaps. There is no support for Series 4+!

MagicAWRT通常支持Apple Watch系列0-6。你可以将这些手表连接到你的mac上,用M4iPSWTOOLS执行软件恢复或更新。


What are the system requirements to run the software?

M4iPSWTOOLS. runs on every mac on OS X Mojave or higher (including Intel and Apple Silicon macs)!

MagicCLOCK runs on every Intel mac on OS X Mojave or higher.
M1 macs are not supported due exploit issues!

M4iPSWTOOLS.可在OS X Mojave或更高版本的每台mac上运行(包括英特尔和苹果硅Mac)!

MagicCLOCK可在OS X Mojave或更高版本的每台Intel mac上运行。
由于漏洞问题,M1 macs不被支持!

Can I use MagicClock with [sh]i[t]Bus or "normal" AWRT?
我可以在shitBus或 "正常 "的AWRT上使用MagicClock吗?

Yes and no. While MagicClock has no detection, which adapter is used, we strongly recommend to use your MagicAWRT for all your work with Apple Watches.
And there's a simple rule:
No MagicAWRT? -> No MagicClock

没有MagicAWRT?-> 没有MagicClock

MagicClock keeps failing to exploit, what can I do?

Make sure to have libusb installed. You can install it over brew (brew.sh). If the exploit fails, reboot the watch after each trial. Then it should work without any issues.


How do I solve
"unable to open" error?
如何解决 "无法打开 "的错误?

Move the app to /Applications, open the terminal app and type
"sudo xattr -cr /Applications/"
without the quotes, press enter and confirm with your password.

将应用程序移到/Applications,打开终端应用程序,输入 "sudo xattr -cr /Applications/",不要加引号,按回车键,用密码确认。

Is there a way to get a license without having a MagicAWRT?

No. The software is a product of Xinzhizao and ShenZaoKeji, it's required to have a MagicAWRT to be able to get a license.