There are several requirements and steps you need to follow in order to be able to activate MagicClock and M4iPSWTools


- macOS 10.14 or newer (10.13 experimental, no direct support)
- MagicAWRT (with a valid SN sticker on the backside for proof purchase)

First, register and then login to MagicClock / M4iPSWTools

After login succeed, you should be back on the main application interface.

There should be a pop-up window asking you to link your mac's UUID to your user account.

When finished, there should be one last pop-up asking you to link your magicAWRT SN to your user account.

If your provided magicAWRT SN was valid and your mac is properly registered, you should see the text string "Authorized" in the top-right corner of MagicClock.

Enjoy your copy of MagicClock :-)